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Fine Artist and Designer



Newest Art Piece
acrylic and fiber on paper
45 X 55"


Makeup Workshop.jpg
Rachey Simons - YJPLA

presenting her authentic self by dressing in her style signature. 


Nala - Age 10
studying the color wheel - 
learning to mix color complements to create beautiful neutrals.   This lesson prepares a student to be able to shade in color.  


Girls ages 8-12 studying ceramics on
Sunday Morning in-home art studio

Upcoming Class
Makeup Workshop with

Tzippy Dukes

May 21st - 8:00PM

Sharone teaches women how to express their inner identity through their outer appearance. She brings a lifetime of creative, artistic, and educational experience to help them develop an authentic look and style.

Creates personal color palettes and
 teaches dressing techniques to individuals and groups of women of all ages.


Teaches young children and teens how to develop their artistic gifts by using different modalities and mediums.

She creates a comfortable environment for them to fully express themselves.  This helps develop a person from the inside out and exercises their mind using both sides of their brain.

"You should have seen FR's face when I started asking her the question if she was going to go to art class because...I didn't even have to finish my sentence, she jumped her eyes were open wide her smile from ear to ear, she loves coming to your studio!!
A text from a Mom


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