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Fine Artist


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Collaborative Alef Bais Poster
from Jewish artists around the world.
All proceeds go to Jewish families with fathers currently fighting in Israel. 
24"x 36" - fits in standard frame

This artwork is a collaborative effort with dozens of Jewish artists that represents a fusion of spirituality and aesthetics. 

Procure yours today with a donation of $50.00.  The poster will be shipped to you. 

Click here to procure


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Kohanim in the Temple
acrylic and fiber on paper
45 X 55"


Art Class AD 5784.jpg
Rachey Simons - YJPLA

Sharone teaches young children through adults to develop their creativity and artistic abilities.  She gives them the necessary skills to translate their visual ideas onto a 2D plane. 

"You should have seen FR's face when I started asking her the question if she was going to go to art class because...I didn't even have to finish my sentence, she jumped her eyes were open wide her smile from ear to ear, she loves coming to your studio!!

A text from a Mom


Sharone teaches women how to express their inner identity through their outer appearance. She brings a lifetime of creative, artistic, and educational experience to help them develop an authentic look and style.

Creates personal color palettes and teaches dressing techniques to individuals and groups of women of all ages.

Rachey Simons
presenting her authentic self by dressing in her style signature. 


Dr. Rachel Weinerman Spinner

testimonial video of a positive childhood art memory


Nala - Age 10
studying the color wheel - 
learning to mix color complements to create beautiful neutrals.   This lesson prepares a student to be able to shade in color.  


Students studying ceramics on Sunday Morning at home art studio

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