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Sharone Devorah Goodman

Teaching the Art of Dressing
Rachey Simons - YJPLA
Ven Diagram
Color Harmony
Authenticity (3)
Floral Style Map
Authenticity (1)
Dress & Decor Workshop
New Upcoming Class
New Upcoming Class Aug. 10th
Anastasia on her wedding day
Same Style Story
Color Palette
Great Way To Wear Neutrals
Whites, Skin Tones, Reds
Proportion Lessons
Scale Drawing
Essence Selections
Silhouette Worksheet
Discovery Workshop Columbia, SC

Consultations and Classes

Step by step lessons help you
discover and develop a visual
identity and style signature by understanding your color, texture,
shape, scale, and personality.
Beauty is created by dressing in
harmony with your design pattern, physical characteristics and personality.

 Learn how to choose and determine which clothing styles look best
on you.
Discover how to create an authentic look by expressing your inner intention through your outer appearance.  
For more info, please email at: 
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