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Dear Sharone,

Thank you for presenting such a comprehensive, interesting and engaging presentation for our Israeli community of women.  It was clear how much the women enjoyed figuring out their "Style Story" and their different colors.  

Thank you for giving us so many hours of your time and your wonerful presentation.  

Sincerely, Feige

Hi Sharone,

What a delight to spend time with you on a virtual shopping trip.  Thank you for sharing your talent with me.  I feel great weaving the clothes you recommend and put together for me.  

Would you help me find 2 basics - a top and bottom that match so I can put different jackets or cardigans on?  One grey, one navy?  I look forward to the next time we meet.

In gratitude, Diane


Last nite was terrific.

So much fun interspersed with so much learning.

Loved the way you used each encounter, each person's comments, and each garment to analyse the problems and come up with solutions and make your points.  A truly interactive learning experience.  And deep.  Very personal stuff.

Breast size hips body image issues et al.....

I could have talked longer but what I did present was very helpful.  Also each one of us was thrilled to get all the personal attention from the group members that we did.  So sympathetic and supportive.  Such a sense of "sisterhood" and of all of us in this and learning together.  You have really fostered a remarkable "chevrah" here.

A "Sharone style community" if you want to call it.  I am so glad I came.

G-d bless you for bringing us to this higher level of self-care and appreciation of beauty and harmony and our own stories.  All the points you made went deep.


Thnx for your very kind offer. That would be wonderful. 

I was also thinking about the dolman sleeve: In the past I have only tried dolman with a longer look. You had talked about proportion the other night. I will try a top with a dolman sleeve that is a bit more fitted around the hip and ends below my waist. A little difficult to explain! I will let you know how that works if I see something like that. 

The more I learn to understand these concepts and shapes, the more I can help my customers, if they are open to learning, that is. Having learnt about my own shape ( an inverted triangle) from you was a real eye opener. 

Thnx again, Luv


Cindy wrote: "Last night I attended my very first "Body Shape Workshop" with my Shul sisters & it was amazing! My friend, Julie Raskas Eisenberg's sister, Sharone was our instructor & I'll tell you what, it really opens your eyes to learn your True body shape & to understand that your clothing too creates its own "Shape" alongside your body. Sharone, is so fun to learn from! And Julie you created the perfect atmosphere for hosting us all️️ So, thank you! On a personal note (besides at work, which I need to work on this most) I'm finding great pleasure in dressing Modestly. I'm learning through people like Sharone, that you don't have to look "dumpy" to dress modestly. It can be absolutely Beautiful. Highly suggest women to seek classes like these in your areas"

I am extremely grateful to Sharone  Goodman, for helping me discover the "Real Me." Working with Sharone has taught me to trust my intuition in realizing my own personal style, and coloring. She has empowered me to be able to shop, and dress with confidence. Sharone has extraordinary talent in evaluating individual coloring, as well as a unique ability, to reveal a persons level of contrast, cool or warm skin tone, body shape, face shape, and the personal story they want portrayed to the world. Each one of these aspects, are vital in making decisions, whether it's in clothing, hair style, or accessories. Before I worked with Sharone, I would look inside my closet and say, "I've got nothing to wear!" I can now look inside my closet and say, "I've got everything to wear!
Working with Sharone began as a style journey, but has become more of a soul journey.......where she has taught me to embrace and appreciate the "Real Me."

Love, Wendy


If you have ever been frustrated in trying to find the right dress for the right occasion, here's what it's like to go shopping with Sharone:  Efficient.  She knows where to go and what to look for.  No dragging to a 100 stores where nothing fits.  Inspirational.  Sharone gets to know your self.  Empowering.  Sharone teaches and explains, showing you how to identify the styles and colors that work for you.  And did I mention fun?  Because Sharone loves what she does, and her joy is contagious.

Best, Chana

Hi Sharone,

I got your voicemail yesterday, thanks for thinking about me. I am in town and would love to attend your workshop tomorrow evening. I had not been feeling well and wanted to make sure I was better before I RSVP’d. Looking forward to seeing you and learning more about finding our own styles. It sounds like it will be really interesting and another great workshop!

Love, Lynn


Dear Sharone,

I sooooo enjoyed last night’s class. I connected with my partners and the time was like a mini-vacation from rigors of life.  Colors are so healing and you are such a wonderful teacher and facilitator.  So sorry, I had to leave but please know I benefitted greatly and it totally made my evening and I  revitalized.

Yasher Koach!

Many thanks and we look forward to seeing you soon.



Dear Mrs. Goodman,

Being in your class has taught me so much.  I am so grateful for everything I have learnt from you about art and fashion and design.  You opened up a world to me that I didn't even know existed.  Thank you so much for hosting me for Shabbat, I really enjoyed myself.  I learnt so much from just talking to you and I really appreciate everything.   I hope to keep in touch.   Love, Batya (high school student)

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