annual lemonade stand with grandchildren

can begin watching at 1:19 minutes into video

Sharone is a graduate 

of the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and 

The Style Core Institute in CA.  She began her career in Manhattan as a menswear designer and continued her creative journey as an artist and educator; specializing in drawing, painting, fiber and styling.  


I've thought of myself as an artist ever since i can remember. It's always been my happy space that I've considered a gift. 


I began learning Torah and studying Chassidus in my early twenties.  Art and judaism have been my central focus and passion.  I strive to express this dynamic, using a multiple of mediums.  I ask myself:  How can I elevate the world by using my gifts?  How can I show you that Gdliness is all around, yet not perceived by the physical eye?  How can I share with you that Gd is constantly recreating the world?